These Kitchen Improvements Might Help You Sell!

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When you sell your home, you want to sell it as quickly and profitably as possible. And sometimes, that means making some improvements before you start showing it to buyers—including improvements in the kitchen.

But what kitchen improvements might make sense to do before listing your home?

recent article from outlined the kitchen improvements you should invest in before you sell, including:

  • Painting your cabinets. Replacing cabinets can be expensive—but if your cabinets look drab or dated, it could turn off potential buyers. Luckily, if your cabinets are in good shape, there’s a way to refresh them without completely replacing them—and that’s paint. Refinishing cabinets is significantly less expensive than installing new ones, but can go a long way in making your kitchen feel updated and modern. (Just make sure to stick to a neutral tone, like soft white or greige, which will appeal to the most buyers.)
  • Upgrading to quartz countertops. Buyers want kitchen counters that not only look great, but are also durable—and no material fits that bill quite like quartz. Quartz comes in a huge variety of designs and colors and it’s less porous than other materials, making it less likely to stain. If you currently have marble, granite, or laminate countertops, upgrading to quartz could play a huge role in making your kitchen more attractive to buyers.
  • A high-quality dishwasher. Generally, investing in high-end appliances doesn’t have a great return on investment—except a dishwasher. Buyers want a high-quality (and, more importantly, quiet) dishwasher—so, if your current dishwasher leaves a lot to be desired, you should definitely consider upgrading to a more quality model before you put your home on the market.